Tactical radio communication systems

Tactical Comms South Africa can custom design, train operators, maintain and supply frequency propagation radio communication systems for the military and commercial sectors on the Africa continent

military radio communication solutions

  • A technology suite that covers HF, VHF and UHF, and solution integration as required
  • Robust waveforms that support voice and data transmissions
  • Customised easy to use radios
  • The ability to easily add new features as our products continually evolve

commercial radio communication solutions

  • A technology suite that covers HF, LMR, Satellite, Land-to-Air, Cell and more
  • Frequency designation and separation to enable both voice and data services to coexist without disrupting each other
  • Software-based network which can be updated with new features quickly and easily from one remote location
  • One-touch calling in critical moments
  • Easy to navigate and manage systems


radio communication Antennas


Antennas play a crucial role in professional radio communications.

Our company has teamed up with a major role player in the military communications sector to provide the very best in HF antennas.

South Africa is the leader in military communications using only the latest software to design professional antenna systems for the global markets.

We provide:

  • Log-Periodic directional and broadband HF antennas.
  • Well constructed towers and supports for all the antennas we supply.
  • Commercial VHF and UHF base and mobile antennas, including high quality coaxial cable and connectors.

Pierre Tromp
Radio Communication Specialist

In 1984, I completed my radio apprentice training in the SA Air Force and then served ten years in the permanent force.
For the next seventeen years, I was a technical instructor with the SA Corp of Signals at a Reserve Force Unit in Cape Town.
Since 1994, I have also been involved in the commercial two-way radio industry working at various radio companies in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
For a period of six years I was a partner in a local radio company and then branched out to establish my own company which specialized in military and commercial high frequency (HF) communications in Africa. 
I spent eight months in 2014 on Gough Island and, in 2007, I spent three months repairing radios and repeaters for a security company in Iraq.
In 2010, one of the highlights of my career was being deployed as the team’s radio technician to Marion Island where I upgraded all of the radio communications at the new overwintering base.

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